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Diary of a Madwoman

4 January 1985
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I'm a student of political studies and women's studies, with a healthy heap of sociology, history, and anthropology on the side, who hopes to save the world one day at a time. I'm interested in all kinds of things and all kinds of people, except for the ignorant, the prejudiced, and the ill-mannered. I'm a Capricorn with a Gemini moon and Scorpio rising, born in the year of the Rat, a small-l liberal with a dash of socialism, a Pagan at heart who is comfortable in Anglicanism and Catholicism, a voracious reader, and a cat fanatic.

I am San Francisco-born, Vancouver (Canada)-bred, and wish to travel the world. The coolest places I have been to thus far are Los Angeles, Nova Scotia, London, and old Quebec City.

My journal is a bit of everything: the various fandoms I inhabit, daily life, sound-offs on current events, and my take on various societal trends and things and the like. Come one, come all!